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How to Write A Job Winning Resume

By : Adarsh Srivastva

A polished resume is an essential part of career building. It reflects your qualification, specialized skills, and previous work experience and portrays you as the best fit for the job. Resume Writing could be quite a tricky task as you to have to mention the best of your abilities within limited words. Here, we will provide you with golden tips on how to write a job winning resume.

Proper Font and Formatting

Use the standard font on your resume that is easy to read. The structure of the resume should be simple, use bullet points for better understanding, and choose the clear and crisp language. The resume should not exceed more than two pages and dont forget to proofread it.

Mention Your Skills

Mentioning your specialized skills is an essential part of resume writing. These skills gain the attention of the interviewer and give an insight into the projects you have executed.

List Your Achievements

List down those unique achievements in your resume with which you have contributed to the growth of your team or company. It will portray your image as a responsible candidate in front of the interviewer.

Dont Lie About Work Experience

People do it all the time- lying on their resume. A few years of fake experience may look fancy on your profile, but it will be equally bad if the interviewer finds it out. And you would not want to lose out on a job because of lying.

Modify Your Resume

You need to customize your resume before sending it for different job applications. Edit the skills and achievements according to the requirement of the job opening. You can also take help of CV writing services for preparing an excellent resume that can increase your chances of getting the job.